Successful Learning

Helping children and adults become successful learners

Personalized guidance for parents, and assessment, tutoring and coaching for children, at-risk youth and adults with learning, study, behavior issues and disabilities. Learn more

Employment Assistance

Assisting adolescents and adults with employment goals

For those who struggle finding or maintaining a job due to disabilities, LDA provides employment assistance. Learn more

Community Living

Self-directed community living

Individualized services for adults who want to live as independently as possible in their community, and helping young adults transition to adulthood.  Learn more



LDA: Making a positive, proven difference

Individuals with learning and developmental disabilities have many talents and great potential, but require additional skills to move ahead. That’s why LDA is here, providing individualized services and skills for greater success in life.

We assist –

  • Children and teens struggling in school
  • Parents of children and adults with learning and developmental disabilities
  • Teens and adults seeking meaningful employment
  • Adults looking for meaningful lives and community
  • Educators and medical professionals who focus on disabilities

LDA, a not-for-profit organization, has been a recognized leader in the provision of educational support services for Rochester and surrounding counties since 1963, providing education and employment services, day habilitation, and residential and community living services. 

The Advocacy Center and LDA Share Office Space

The Advocacy Center and LDA Life and Learning Services are now co-located at 1650 South Avenue, Suite 200, Rochester NY  14620. Our two agencies became formally affiliated in early 2014, and we are still working toward merging to form one organization. In line with that goal, we are working together under one roof. LDA has been located on the second floor of this building for several years, and our agencies are now occupying a wing of the first floor as well.

The reception area for both The Advocacy Center and LDA is located on the first floor.

The Advocacy Center's main phone number continues to be (585) 546-1700; LDA's primary phone number - (585) 263-3323 - still works. The direct phone numbers for LDA staff and the on-call numbers for LDA programs remain the same, as well. Our office is open from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.



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