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Helping children and adults become successful learners

Personalized guidance for parents, and assessment, tutoring and coaching for children, at-risk youth and adults with learning, study, behavior issues and disabilities. Learn more

Employment Assistance

Assisting adolescents and adults with employment goals

For those who struggle finding or maintaining a job due to disabilities, LDA provides employment assistance. Learn more

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Self-directed community living

Individualized services for adults who want to live as independently as possible in their community, and helping young adults transition to adulthood.  Learn more



LDA: Making a positive, proven difference

Individuals with learning and developmental disabilities have many talents and great potential, but require additional skills to move ahead. That’s why LDA is here, providing individualized services and skills for greater success in life.

We assist –

  • Children and teens struggling in school
  • Parents of children and adults with learning and developmental disabilities
  • Teens and adults seeking meaningful employment
  • Adults looking for meaningful lives and community
  • Educators and medical professionals who focus on disabilities

LDA, a not-for-profit organization, has been a recognized leader in the provision of educational support services for Rochester and surrounding counties since 1963, providing education and employment services, day habilitation, and residential and community living services. 

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2014 Annual Appeal

Supporting Progress for Individuals with Disabilities and Families

Supporting Progress for Individuals with Disabilities

What a year 2014 has been! In January, we announced the affiliation of The Advocacy Center and LDA Life and Learning Services. Since then, we have been transitioning to a merged organization, and our priority has been providing great service to each of the individuals and families we work with along the way.

As excited as we are about the opportunities for our future, it is the progress we see made by individuals with disabilities and their families that is most exciting. Your support helps make this possible, and we thank you for that!

We see the difference that success can make for Gulsah, forced to end a career because of a disability, but now able to work in a job that helps others. We see the improvements for Makaiah once his parents, Yanina & Wilfredo, understand how to support him at home and feel prepared to work with his school for a better program. Click here to read their stories.

This work is the heart of why we do what we do, and it is what you support through your gift. Will you please continue your support this year?

Our two agencies were founded by people who wanted better opportunities for education, housing, employment, and community inclusion for their loved ones with disabilities. It is that spirit that drives the work we do today and what we will work to achieve in the future. I hope you will continue to partner with us in helping individuals and families achieve success.

Warm regards,

Colin Garwood transparent

Colin Garwood
Executive Director

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