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Here is a free training in Buffalo that you may be interested in

RCEPII    State University of New York at Buffalo

    Region II Rehabilitation Continuing Education and

    Community Rehabilitation Programs (RRCEP II)

    316 Parker Hall, South Campus, 3435 Main St., Buffalo, New York 14214-3007

    716-829-3934 (phone)   716-829-3935 (fax)



Developing Cultural Awareness


April 22, 2008 ~ Buffalo, New York


Training Program Description: 

All behaviors are learned in a cultural context and displayed in a cultural context.  Counselors who disregard a client’s cultural context are unlikely to interpret a client’s behavior accurately.  The same behavior across cultures might have a very different interpretation just as different behaviors might have the same interpretation.  Therefore, developing multicultural awareness is a primary strategy for counselors who must accurately interpret the meanings of cultural

similarities and differences.”(Pederson 2000)


Region II is an incredibly culturally diverse area and counselors are challenged daily to provide quality services for people from a wide array of backgrounds.  This workshop will strive to help participants increase their awareness of their own culturally learned assumptions, as well as how to attend to their client and co-workers’ cultural assumptions.  Special emphasis will b placed upon the connection between culture and view of disability.


This workshop will be very experiential in nature, so participants will have multiple opportunities to explore this topic.  We will utilize Paul Pederson’s Triad Model as a basis for our discussions and activities.


Learning Objectives:

s          Appropriately recognize the valued priority that participants give to basic attitudes, opinions and assumptions.

s          More sensitively articulate one’s own professional role in relation to the other culture.

s          More accurately compare one’s own cultural perspective with that of a person form another culture.

s          Appropriately estimate constraints of time, setting, and resources in the other culture.

s          Realistically estimate the limit of one’s own resources in the other culture.


This program is designed for:  Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, Rehabilitation Assistants and Supervisors.


Registration:  No cost to participants.  Training materials and coffee breaks are included.  The application must be completed in full and received by us on or before: April 11, 2008.  Please fax your registration to 716/829-3935


Lodging:  Lodging, travel and meals are the responsibility of the participant.


Cancellations:  You may make substitutions for registered participants any time by contacting us at 716/829-3508.  It is important to notify us of cancellations as soon as possible to allow other registrants to attend.


Confirmation:  You will receive a confirmation letter or fax from our office approximately two weeks prior to the program with further program details and directions.


RCEPII    State University of New York at Buffalo

    Region II Rehabilitation Continuing Education and

    Community Rehabilitation Programs (RCEP II)

    Parker Hall, Room 316, 3435 Main Street

    Buffalo, New York 14214-3007

    716-829-3934 (phone) 716-829-3935 (fax)




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